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CCC is dedicated to providing the highest of quality services and products to all of our Customers. We listen attentively to the Customers’ needs and requirements and it is our objectives to design the customized and approach all of our cleaning and janitorial projects to make them successful. Our experiences have taken us through a variety of cleaning curves on projects and have learned to make the customers’ our top priority in any of the services in which we provide!

Our management team has excellent technical knowledge, skills and the sensitivity toward team building to create an organization that is decidedly capable, reliable and responsive. CCC’s record of customer satisfaction with repeated business, as well as its steady growth in new business, exemplifies the success of our team approach to any cleaning and janitorial project for any of the services that we provide in the cleaning industry.

Our facilities are located conveniently within the Washington Metropolitan area in Oxon Hill, Maryland, which gives us the flexibility to respond promptly to our Customer’s fast-paced needs. We expanded our Customer base to include local, state and federal agencies, and commercial and industrial buildings.

To demonstrate the expertise of our staff, CCC, will provide a complimentary assessment of your facilities, whether currently occupied or under construction for cleaning evaluation and cost projections. We will give you a professional opinion of the cleaning aspect, such as timeframe and cost control. CCC maintains a reputation of high, uncompromising standards and provides excellent service to our customers.

CCC’s commitment for responsible business practices is absolute to our Customer in our daily operations. Our management team stay abreast and in compliant with all of OSHA’s laws and regulations that apply to the cleaning industry. Quality, service, value, and innovation are what drive us. We train the best qualified workers to meet our Customer specific needs for cleaning and janitorial services; with in-house training, instructions and on-site cleaning specification training on the proper usages and applications of cleaning products, supplies and equipment that gives us a competitive edge against the competition.
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